Depending on the nature of the operation and its complexity it may be a requirement of clients, underwriters, shippers and consignees to have a formal procedure detailing the methodology and step by step sequences to be performed to safely complete the scope of work.

Clear and well written procedures and method statements are a critical element to the success of any complex transportation or marine operation. The documentation will reflect the risk assessed elements of each stage of the operation and will form the basis of the execution stage of the task.


In addition to task specific procedures we have extensive experience of technical writing for various clients including the design, drafting and implementation of management system documentation. A recent example was an instruction received from a large multinational offshore construction company to design and implement a management system for the vetting, due diligence and marine assurance activities required when chartering third party vessels for employment on complex and high value projects.


We also regularily carry out document reviews on behalf of clients who have no in-house marine expertise in order to ensure that any maritime content in thier own or their subcontractors documentation is checked, verified and revised as necessary taking into account the relevant Codes and industry best practices. These reviews are equally important at the tendering as well as operational phases.